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Contracts for small businesses and independent contractors  
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Practice Information For Businesses

As a solo practitioner Mr. Hartley strives to give his clients the highest possible level of personal attention and commitment in meeting their needs. Unlike some other firms, all clients meet directly with the attorney at every stage of their work. That attention, combined with the highest standards for professional work and ethics, allows for a positive and rewarding attorney-client relationship.

Mr. Hartley has practiced law in California since 1999 and been involved with the legal issues of businesses throughout his legal career. His clients range in size from independent contractors and part-time landlords to established enterprises in fields including retail sales, publishing, advertising, and medical billing.

Business Formation and Relationships

Each business is unique and requires individual attention to the needs of the individuals involved and their goals. Incorporation, organization as a Limited Liability Company, some type of partnership or maybe a straightforward contractual relationship (covering financing arrangements, employment or independent contractor status) meet the needs of your enterprise or project. Calling to set an appointment with an attorney to review of your goals and needs, not just for today but for the business's long-term progress, can help clarify your options.

Business Documentation and Filings

Ongoing businesses have various legal needs to protect their interests and safeguard their property. Employment agreements that protect intellectual property are essential in some industries, and clear employee policies are essential in all businesses. Trademark and service mark registrations allow business growth protected from undue consumer confusion. Contracts to clarify and document your business agreements protect your financial interests. A strong, enforceable lease for your rental property to protect your interests and property owner and landlord. A meeting with an attorney can help a business prioritize its needs and keeping your business agreements and documents cost-effective for your bottom line.

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