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Your art is your business and deserves legal protection  
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Practice Information for Individuals

As a solo practitioner Mr. Hartley strives to give his clients the highest possible level of personal attention and commitment in meeting their needs. That attention, combined with the highest standards for professional work and ethics and a schedule that adjusts to your life and commitments, helps you achieve the peace of mind you deserve in your personal life.

Mr. Hartley has practiced law in California since 1999, is a member of the California, and has been representing individuals and families in San Diego since 2001.

Estate Planning

Mr. Hartley has experience in all aspects of estate planning, with most of his recent work involving non-traditional families, including those gay and lesbian couples in California domestic parnerships, and couples who are neither married nor in a domestic partnership. Helping to iron out the intricacies of these new legal relationships and prepare documentation to substitute for rights that aren't yet a part of domestic partnerships in a new area where few attorneys have experience at Mr. Hartley's level. Making an appointment today to discuss options and possibilities will help you and your loved ones rest more secure.


Our personal relationships are very important to us all. The existence of spouses, partners and children in our lives make them complete, but sometimes you need help with their legal implications. Your legal rights need to be enforced and you need to have peace of mind that others will live up to their obligations. You need a lawyer who can try and resolve things amicably but can step up and fight for your rights when necessary. Restraining orders, dissolution of marriage or domestic partnerships, legal protection of your separate property, enforcement of your community property rights, child custody, child visitation and support are all issues where a proactive attorney like Mr. Hartley can use the law to help protect the interests of you and your loved ones. Mr. Hartley also has experience in stepparent adoptions.

Personal Injuries and Consumer Rights

Mr. Hartley also handles personal injury and other personal litigation cases including enforcement of consumer rights, with experience working with both injured parties and the alleged cause of the injuries to obtain justice.

  Mail: 197 Woodland Parkway #104, PMB 403, San Marcos, California 92069
  Toll free voice and fax: 888/859-9884

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